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Tried and tested by the Linda's Team with yvonne as the Homeeconomist doing the baking and the rest of us being the testers and Chris the quality controller.

As quality contoller I recommend you try this fruit cake. It lekker - supurb, the best - words can not describe it so please bake and taste yourself. It is worth it!!!!

The Recipe

1kg Bakers Mix – sultanas / currants / raisins (add some dried cranberries – optional)

300g glazed cherries

250g butter / margarine

450ml  strong coffee

240g brown sugar – soft caramel

250ml golden syrup

250ml brandy

100g  almonds slivered OR chopped hazelnuts

60g cocoa powder

5ml cinnamon ground

5ml mixed spice

3ml cardamom ground

3ml salt

300g cake flour

3ml baking powder

3ml bicarbonate of soda

4 extra-large eggs - beaten

200g dark couverture chocolate – melted (70% cocoa)


• Pre-ethodheat oven to 150˚C, line and prepare 2 x 20cm sponge tins or 2 x 25cm loaf pans

• Place the fruit, butter, strong coffee, sugar, syrup, cocoa and nuts in a saucepan, bring to the boil and cook for 5 min.  Remove from stove and stand to cool completely

• Add the melted chocolate and brandy.  Stir in the bicarbonate, mix well. 

  • Stand covered overnight.

• Sift the flour, spices and baking powder together twice 

• Add the beaten eggs to the fruit mixture then fold in the dry ingredients, stir well

• Spoon into prepared tins and bake for 60 min @ 150˚C then turn down the oven to 140˚C for the remainder of the baking  time

• Pour extra brandy over the cake as it comes out of the oven, cool in pan overnight

• Remove all the papers, brush with more brandy before wrapping in cling wrap and then in cellophane to store

• This cake will keep for 6 months


Add extra glazed fruit e.g. pineapple, melon , apricots or figs – 250g for a richer end result – soak the glazed fruit in hot tea prior to baking (about a day or two) to soften them and too add extra moisture to the final product.


There we have an interesting Xmas Cake 

From The Linda's Team 

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