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Go all green in March for St Patrick's day

Posted by Chris Reynecke on

A few ideas for niceties in March 2020 special for St Patrick's day


  • GREEN VELVET CUPCAKES – use your basic vanilla sponge recipe, add some green liquid food colouring to get a green batter, bake and cool. Decorate with whipped cream, sprinkle with green non-peril and place a gold chocolate coin in the middle
  • GREEN LEMONADE – make old fashioned lemonade, but add some green colour – the electric green gel paste would be perfect, add some sliced cucumber and a sprig of fresh mint. Perfect for a hot Indian summers day!
  • GREEN RICE KRISPIE BALLS – melt 60g butter, 60g golden syrup and 300g marshmallows together, stir until melted. Add a few drops of green colouring and some apple cinnamon essence to this syrup, mix well.  Stir in 300g Rice Krispies, mix until all is combined.  Remove from the heat, cool slightly, then shape into balls – Golf ball size. Stand to cool completely on a foil sheet (try making cake pops from this, shape balls, insert sticks, cool, then dip in white melted chocolate and sprinkle with green edible dust / sparkles)
  • The flavours of mint and chocolate creates a blast in your mouth, so add a twist to traditional brownies! Flavour the brownie mix with a hint of peppermint, top the cooled brownies with a Light green choc – mint ganache, sprinkle with chocolate vermicelli


ENJOY  The Linda’s Team

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