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Yvonne's Crunchie Munch-er Treat

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CRUNCHIES – The Yvonne way

The perfect weekend treat. There are different ways that we can enjoy a crunchie treat –
• With coffee or tea dip it and eat it
• With ice-cream for dessert
• On its own
• Any way you like it

Golden, toasted crunchies cut into imperfect squares are often what a great snack, a heart-to-heart tea or any other silly but pertinent kitchen counter moment is made of.

Like in our kitchen it is in a giant glass container, to lure the grand-kids into temptation to come and play at oupa and ouma’s house. Never mind the sugar rush that is mom and dad’s problem.

We hope this easy recipe for crunchies keeps your kids, grand-kids and guests happy and your hunger momentarily abated.

CRUNCHIES – Yvonne’s crunchie muncher – all ingredients available at Linda’s (except butter & milk)

750ml    coconut (240g)
250ml    cake flour (140g)
1000ml  oats (320g)
375ml    granulated sugar (300g)
3ml        salt
5ml        cinnamon
250ml    butter (250g)
50ml      golden syrup
10ml      bicarb
70ml      milk – dissolve the bicarb in the milk

• Pre-heat the oven, line a large swiss roll pan with baking paper
• Combine all the dry ingredients
• Melt the butter, syrup together
• Add to the dry ingredients, stir in the bicarb and mix well
• Press into prepared baking tray – about 1cm thick
• Bake for 15 -20 min or until golden in colour
• Remove from oven and cut into squares or fingers
• Cool completely in pan before removing and packaging
• Yields about 72 blocks

Hmmm enjoy a winner treat and a great stand in for the guests that come for a surprise visit.

The Linda’s Team

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