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The Linda’s Bake & Pack Story

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The Linda’s Bake & Pack Story
Introduction to a trustworthy supplier – Linda’s Bake& Pack
Linda’s over 27 years believed in the baking fraternity and the possibility to grow the home industries through our excellent products, services and assistance. We further believe that in a tough economy the home baker can through entrepreneurship and creativity establish a sustainable income
Linda’s Bake & Pack is a household name for home industry bakers, caterers, budding entrepreneurs and people who simply love baking. We are well known not only for quality products at affordable prices, but also for a team of trained staff, who are always on-hand to offer sound advice.
Our Vision
At Linda’s Bake & Pack, our goal is to be a trusted and reliable supplier that provides our clients with the highest standards of service, quality products at affordable prices to a cost-conscious market, and the best professional advice.
At Linda’s we further believe that baking is a family recreational activity where the family get together and enjoy their creativity.
Why then Linda’s Bake & Pack
A) We at Linda’s believe in the quality of our products
1. We source our suppliers in terms of quality and reliability. Linda’s are buying from some of these suppliers for many years some MORE THAN 27 years.
2. The Linda’s team trust our suppliers in terms of our criteria of quality and reliability.
3. Our suppliers, on the other hand trust us to support them but more so because we are in a unique situation to inform them if the quality of their product or batch is not up to standard. Linda’s have a very special relationship with our suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the best quality at the best price.
3. How do they as suppliers trust us - we repack the products and are able to see if there is a quality problem
We also test products/ingredients in different ways – as follows
a). Our Resident Home Economist will test periodically the products and specifically all new products before we consider to add the product to our store.
b) We will ask of the staff members to test as well, most of the staff are accomplished bakers.
c) We do various workshops during the year with bakers and novice bakers in which during the workshop we supply the products and utilize the opportunity to test our products and its quality.
d) In testing new products we also randomly request customers/bakers to test products for us in terms of the quality of the products.
Through all this the Linda’s team can unequivocally state that our products are top quality and at the best possible price.
With the tested and proven methods and the use of our products/ingredients successful baking is imminent.
Our products/ingredients can be trusted to enable you the customer/baker to create your own master piece in the kitchen.
Buying from Linda’s give you the customer the peace of mind that the products you use are of superior quality.
So the short answer WHY you can buy from Linda’s is you can TRUST LINDA’S and our products.
Visit the online Linda’s at
Our shop is a firm favorite with Bakers - professionals, novices and beginners and is known for its friendly service and range of quality products.

Choose from hundreds of quality baking ingredients, equipment, decor and much more. We stock hard-to-find ingredients like buttermilk, pectin and vanilla pods as well as herbs, spices and cookie cups, cutters and so much more.
Our Price Buster prices are hard to beat, our quality our pride and friendly, professional service our motto.
Visit us online or at the shop.

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