Apricot Minced (Dried Fruit) – Lindas Bake and Pack
Apricot Minced (Dried Fruit)

Apricot Minced (Dried Fruit)

  • R 28.50

Diced apricots are perfect for cooking, baking, and mixes. They have a naturally sweet taste that is delicious just for snacking, too!

The subtle sweet taste of these diced apricots is wonderful atop oatmeal and cereals, or tossed into salads. Try them in trail mixes or baked treats.

Our diced apricots add great texture and flavor to cookies, scones, bars, and muffins. Mix them in cookies for a fruity treat.

Their sweetness complements savory dishes well, too.

Feel free to experiment with chopped apricots in your recipes!

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