Carrot Cake Premix – Lindas Bake and Pack
Carrot Cake Premix

Carrot Cake Premix

  • R 55.00

INGREDIENTS: sucrose, cake flour, raising agents, sodium chloride, stabilizer, spices, flavouring agent and colorant


1 kg Carrot Cake Mix

6 Extra large eggs

400ml Oil

500g Carrots (grated)

METHOD: Beat the eggs for 2 minutes on high speed using the whisk. Add the cake mix then beat on low speed. Add the vegetable oil slowly while beating on slow speed. Stir in the grated carrots (½ cup banana, pineapple, pecans- optional) and mix well Spoon into baking tins lined with silicon baking paper. Bake at ± 180ºC for 40 – 50 min depending on the size.

ALLERGENS: Wheat, nuts (if using)

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