Vanilla Essence (Michelles) 1LT – Lindas Bake and Pack
Vanilla Essence (Michelles) 1LT

Vanilla Essence (Michelles) 1LT

  • R 49.00


Essence /favourant...the point is, there's a whole world of pure extracts and flavourings to explore.

  • Don't go out and buy them all at once, though.
  • Just add to your collection as you expand your baking horizons.
  • The Essences available at Linda’s are of a high quality and strong in its particular flavour.
  • When used in baking, essence refers to an aromatic extract that is concentrated in various flavors.
  • Essence is usually used to give something with less flavor a higher quality of flavor. For example, Vanilla essence is sometimes used in to give it a richer flavor and allow it to have a distinct vanilla taste.
  • The role of essences in baked goods is like the role of salt on the savory side: it enhances all the other flavors in the recipe.
  • Without it, baked goods tend to taste flat and bland.
  • Forget to add the specific essence once in your baked goods, and you'll probably never do it again! In using an essence in baking it is important to esure that you have a high quality product, as available at Linda's.
  • Also important is to add essence a drop at a time and taste the flavor until satisfied with the flavor.
  • Remember it is easy to put in to much and the baking is ruiend. Take your time to get the flavor right.
  • In the end the proof lie in the taste of your product/cake/cookies

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